Life drawing 20/07/14

Last week's session was a bit of a wobbly one, working from a male model. Back on the black ink, I binned most of my short pose paintings for their ineptitude. A few survived the cull, such as these two:


5 mins, ink

5 mins, ink

Then a couple of slightly longer poses, so I had a go with the oil paints on some A5 canvas paper, with middling results…


15 mins, oil paint

 …then a long pose where I focused on the model's head, what with him having a frankly splendid beard. The colours worked out quite nicely here, especially against the yellow background.


45 mins, oil paint

One of the more challenging sessions of late, which is just how it should be. That last piece certainly makes me want to try a few more dedicated portraits using colour oil paints – even though there's a whole raft of mistakes, there's a certain energy to it that pleases me. All of the (surviving) pieces are up on Flickr here.

West from Calton Hill


Sketched in half an hour lunchtime today – click the pic to see it larger.  Ah, if I could do this in a lunchtime, imagine what could I do with a whole day of sketching? *wistful face*