It’s life drawing, but not as we know it

It’s been a few months now since ATYN stopped running sessions in Dundee and there’s no word yet when they’ll be starting again beyond “new venue to be revealed in 2017.” After a while I started hunting around for any replacement sessions nearby, but nothing clicked – Letham Life Drawing on Wednesday nights clashes with work, and while the St Andrews Art Soc sessions sounded promising I heard nothing from them after getting in touch. What’s a figure painter to do?

Well, here’s an answer, but brace yourself. It turns out… there are pictures of naked people on the internet. GASP!

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Meet the new blog…

…same as the old blog

Well, sort of. After writing this post, I started to realise that Falling Sky has really rather run its course. It worked fine as a general catch-all blog, but initial ideas about keeping it going as a specific artblog started to fall by the wayside – much cleaner to start a brand new blog, designed with that arty purpose in mind, without a decade's worth of posts to lug around.

So! Meet the Artblog! Which to my mind sounds like the Balrog's nerdier cousin - no bad thing. New life drawing post just around the corner, but until then here's the moon from 6:40am this morning, sketched on the iPod via Sketchbook Mobile.

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