Drone logic

If there's one frustration about narrowing the focus of my blogging to artwork, it's the way it's shunted music out of the way. While I can't make the stuff, listening to it remains hugely important to me and I love the sheer variety of great new music. I've wanted to yelp enthusiastically about new tracks but not really had a decent reason to do so on an Artblog. And then… eureka! All I need to do is make a drawing, painting, sculpture, something inspired by a track, and I can yelp with impunity!


So, starting off, here's a sketch I made this morning en route to work, inspired by the title track from Daniel Avery's debut Drone Logic. I first heard this on Mary Anne Hobbs' weekend show a few weeks ago, and have played the bejaysuz out of it ever since. It's a splendid throbbing slab of techno that does a lot with relatively little, bringing to mind (at least to mine) images of AWOL drones circling the world listening to Walkmans. I think the above picture could've been clearer in that regard but, hey ho, such is life. Listen below and see what it conjures up in your own noggin…